Russell Brand - Shagger of The Year

When The Sun crowns you Shagger of The Year - it's a proven fact you are are extremely gifted in the sack. And who else could Britain's most popular rag proclaim Prince of the Sheets than - The Love Muscle. He must be so pleased!

But with every silver lining there comes a cloud. The Sun also reckon Russell's flash new title could be a double edge sword. How so?!

Because the Love Muscle's supreme shagging skills are bound to leave the few women he doesn't bed of a day feeling jealous and unwanted. And that is - dangerous.

nyway, aside from crushing lady dreams, his Royal Love Muscle is busy promoting new film 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' here there and everywhere. And because the media is awash with snappy soundbites from the man who invented snappy soundbites - we thought we'd give you a run down of a few of the best.

"I get on really well with Morrissey now. He has come to two of my stand-up gigs and given me standing ovations at both of them. I send him a lot of e-mails and spend a lot of time pondering what to say." (The Sun)

" I think with or without your mother you're very unusual (Morrissey). "Yes it's difficult to paper over the cracks (Russell) - Russell interviews Morrissey BBC Radio 2

"The Fonz approves of me.’ He shook my hand and, with eye contact, nominated me as his natural successor." (The Sun)

"I'm actually a man who lives alone with a cat" Sky News

"Uma Thurman is lovely. She's like a gorgeous statue that's come to life. I just want to crawl up onto her lap and pretend to be a baby." (Nuts Magazine)

"Out here in Hollywoodland access to football is limited but proximity to mind-bending glamour is at an all-time high, why, one can scarcely leave the house without being smashed in the face with dirty great lumps of fame" (The Guardian)

Listen to Russell interviewing Morrissey on BBC Radio Two - funny

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