Russell Brand rips Sachsgate in comedy tour

Russell Brand has reportedly been using Sachsgate as material for his new standup show. According to The Telegraph, the Love Muscle likened his and Ross' prank phonecall to "two idiots dancing towards a canyon" while images of press cuttings surrounding Sachsgate played out on a big screen behind his head.

Brand also expressed shock at the lack of credit people gave him for his lyrical genius during the prank. "What stunned me about the whole thing was no-one mentioned how great my song was. I rhymed menstrual with consensual – it was fucking brilliant. When you're as narcissistic as me it makes my ego even bigger when you're all over the news."

More great soundbiteage from the Muscle. How long will the Daily Hate feast on the crumbs of this fresh 'controversy'? Answers on a postcard.

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