Russell Brand on Jay Leno

"I like to think of that first 'wooo' as a lubricant which eases passage. In a way Jay, its a 'woobricant.'

Russell Brand's opening gambit on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night set the bar for one of the Love Muscle's finest televisual interviews ever.

As well as spouting anecdotes about growing up in a dreary region of England notorious for casual sex, Russell did a cracking overall job of ripping the p*ss out of the King of US Wit, without Jay even noticing. In fact when Russell explained "I don't think I was a peculiarly talented child, I just had the confidence to do my hair" - poor old Jay couldn't move on quick enough. Don't be scared Jay - it's just irony!!

Still Russell and his dear old mum certainly seem to be enjoying themselves in vacuous and superficial La La Land. Even if prior to landing, Russell confessed to being unimpressed by the US because not enough people recognise him, noone cares who he's porking and his feet are totally unencumbered by ladies begging for his love.

But last night's scathing Leno banter is likely to change all that, with American gossip rags already erupting with praise for Russ and his spectacular irony laden chat. Though we have to say, if we hear one more lazy US journo comparing Russell to Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean, we'll stop reading poo plop gossip once and for all!

Watch Russell giving Leno what for. Then have a chortle at the magic of lyrics like 'Through and through, you're so much more more than just a screw and I don't quite know what to do inside of you' from Russell's on screen band Infant Sorrow.

Russell Brand on Jay Leno
Infant Sorrow - Inside of You

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