Russell Brand - death threats are an occupational hazard

So much for Russell Brand hosting the VMAs being the pinnacle of his career, it was also the gig which could have cost him his life.

The Love Muscle has told Chris Moyles about receiving death threats after the show from moral crusaders in the US offended by Brand's wisecracks about George 'Retard' Bush and The Jonas Brothers. (Brand made a quip about stealing one of the Jonas Brothers' virginity then wearing their 'promise rings' around his mickey. It didn't go down well.) Well not only were the live studio audience a bunch of self serious bores, turns out viewers at home were too - though with the added lethal ingredient of being dangerously bonkers too.

Brand said of the death threats: 'If you are going to kill someone, don't give them advance notice, that gives you a chance to prepare. How can you, while watching the telly, think “Oh, I don't enjoy this. No, I'm not enjoying this at all. Right, I'm going to kill him”. That's a huge jump."

Absolutely. Telly is telly and the entertainment industry is about entertaining. Strange isn't it that when Russell's at his most amusing it's often at the expense of the dumb and dumbers of the world - which would be because? They're unintentionally very entertaining. Anyway here's an idea. Don't want to get offended by what some comedian says at the MTV VMAs ? Don't participate in popular culture.

Watch the stupidness that is the Great Jonas Brothers Virginity Debate in action.

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