Russell Brand confirmed as host of MTV Awards

So someone somewhere in the darkest depths of MTV top brass has understood the tremendous pulling power of the The Love Muscle. Going where no Brit has gone before, Russell Brand has been confirmed as the host of this year's MTV Awards.

Brand will be at the helm of the multi billion dollar show, and is chuffed to bits at "presiding over what is sure to be only vaguely co-ordinated televised insanity". Russell's also assured producers he will be 'flying by the seat of his crotch' regardless of the fact he'll pocket a piddly $1 million for the gig!

Not bad going for a simple lad from Essex who once described himself to America via Jay Leno as 'not someone peculiarly talented, I just have the confidence to do my hair". The wit. Check out Russell Brand being interviewed by Dawn French - great interview.

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