Russell Brand, Britney Spears and an elephant team up for MTV ad

The MTV Awards publicity juggernaut is rolling gently out of the garage and gathering pace Stateside. Russell Brand, Britney Spears and a big hairy grey elephant have teamed up in an advert for the MTV Awards.

The advert rips the piss out of Britney's MTV Awards performance last year, during which she staggered about the stage like an old drunk, all tubby and fumbling and not very good (hence the elephant in the room) - as well as playing on the 'sexual tension' between Brand and Spears.

As such, The Love Muscle asks Britney for some presenting tips, before doing what he does best and trying to wheedle his way into her knickers. He alludes to a potent sexual tension between them, 'I don't feel the tension' says Britney replies before continuuing 'wait that's sposed to be hilarious right'? Pete Wentz and 'anything for a few bob and a couple of column inches' LL Cool J then come on for a group, aren't we funny and oh so interesting chortle - and job done. Apart from Brand, it's sounds pretty painful.

As per the usual ratings grabbing formula, Britney's up for two awards this year, including Best Female Video for 'Piece Of Me'. The video is a female extravaganza of female-ness, and is bound to be pipped to the post by Kate Perry's ultimate female anthem 'I Kissed A Girl'. Whether or not Britney will perform is still a closely guarded mystery, but the 'will she won't she' buzz is bound to spike ratings anyway. Presidential elections, lesbian strippers, music awards, you name it, Britney can sell it!

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