Russell Brand : bedding Teresa Palmer

Another day, another lucky lady burrowing beneath Russell Brand's sheets. We recently reported the Essex lothario had taken up with little known model actress socialite Phoebe Price. Yeh well, that was last week.

This week, he's whisked Australian actress Teresa Palmer (best known for stealing Daniel Radcliffe's on screen virginity) off to Mexico, after the pair got together on the set of their new film Bedtime Stories.

And how better to melt a lady's heart on hols than by wearing some particularly tight fitting blue hotpants out on a rollerblading date. Yup. Russell treated Palmer to a 'warts n all' viewing of his ample package and furry chest rug as they whizzed around the holiday resort. Sources described them as like 'any loved up couple'. Apart from they were both wearing nasty pants and Russell's got a girlfriend list as long as his erm......We give it a week!

Check out Russell interviewing Adam Sandler (his co star in Bedtime Stories.) Spectacular wit.

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