Russell Brand : bedding Phoebe Price

Russell Brand is once again languishing comfortably at the top Google trends.....and once again, it's down to his considerable shagging skills.

The lucky lady? Phoebe Price. Don't know her? Noone really does. Tall, red head, model / actress (usually out of work, but once did an episode of X Files), doesn't have a Wiki page - basically famous for being ginger and going out on the razz lots.

Anyway Brand took her out for lunch in LA last week and bamboozled her with hilarious anecdote after hilarious anecdote until Phoebe could take no more and admitted not being able to comprehend the sheer magnitude of his porking ability. (Russell claims to be better at sex than talking.)

Phoebe Price might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but sources say she was certainly an appreciative audience, laughing loudly and keenly at all Russell's gags and only occasionally interrupting to order more oxygen from the bar or extra egg whites with her omlettes. Perfect Brand bedroom fodder we say. From swordsmith to wordsmith to ginger-socialite-on the make-smith - Russell's still got it.

Check out Phoebe's slow Southern drawl. Her boobs are real.

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