Russell Brand apologises to Jonas Brothers for being mean at VMAs

So the Love Muscle trotted out a pretty funny, not very genuine apology for having a pop at the Jonas Brothers, during Sunday's VMAs.

Brand made a gag about the purity rings (which the brothers wear as a symbol of virginity until marriage) by pretending to produce one from his pocket. 'Oh look I've stolen the Jonas Brother's virginity' he said. It went down like a poo sandwich and a couple of seconds later Brand was forced to apologise.

"I've got to say sorry because I said them things about promise rings. That were bad of me, I didn't mean to take it lightly, or whatever. I love the Jonas Brothers, think they're really good. I don't want to p*** off teenage fans, all right. In fact, quite the opposite. So promise rings, I'm well up for it, well done."

Brand also shocked America by calling George Bush a retarded cowboy and urging them to vote for Obama. The crowd responded with a self serious boo. Thankfully by the time he'd thrown a gag in about Bristol Palin's Alaskan boyfriend bashing the bishop with a condom on then burying the evidence for fear of becoming a Republican, they were chuckling away and starting to enjoy themselves for the award ceremony it was and not a convention on political correctness for people in the pop business. Check out Russell being funny and offending people at the VMAs.

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