Russell Brand : apologises for sex prank

Part of the job of being a comedian is to challenge the status quo by ridiculing everyday idiocy in a suitably clever way. But ridiculing sex attackers has gone down like a sh*t sandwich for Russell Brand, even if what he was actually ridiculing was a crime against fashion.

Brand has been forced to publicly apologise after his now infamous prank call to Northamptonshire police during a stand up show. Brand claimed to have solved a local 'sex attacker in the underpass' crime and told police he had seen the underpass attacker in action. The real crime, said Brand was not that the sex attacker was sex attacking but that he was sporting a light green top with polka dot trousers, 'I thought, look at the state of him!' He then sang a song to the female police officer on the end of the phone.

People are 'horrified' Brand could have messed around with such a serious subject and, in not so many words have demanded he be publicly lynched by daybreak. Russell has defended the prank, saying “I know it’s serious but the actual event doesn’t change whether we look at it humorously or seriously.” A fair point. Ricky Gervais doesn't get lambasted for gags about Hitler or famine. Pushing the boundaries of good taste is, well, what's funny about funniness.Check out Brand stretching those limits to breaking point. What do you think?

Russell Brand : prank police call Northampton

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