Russ is obsessed!

He may be well known throughout the UK for making a couple of rude phone calls to the waiter from Fawlty Towers, but Russell Brand used his mobile for all the right reasons on a night out recently, repeatedly calling his new girlfriend Katy Perry every minutes. 1,2,3 vomit!

According to The Mirror, the goth-lampshade was at the launch night of a new East London fetish club (as you do), and was seen by onlookers nipping out to his car to make 4 calls every hour. (Someone was obviously counting - a lot.)

‘Russell agreed to go to the club opening as it was being launched by a few of his friends. Everyone was wearing leather - it's billed as a decadent fetish night, so Russell got into the spirit of things,’ reports the witness in the newspaper.

‘Dwarfs were working behind the bar and at one point Russell was seen having a deep and meaningful chat with a midget, gushing about the love of his life.’

Fetish club? Dwarfs working behind the bar? Deep meaningful chat with a midget? Gushing about the love of his life?

You couldn't make it up. Actually....

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