Runaway bride!

The marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco and former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock has been touted as the Royal wedding that will trump Will 'n' Kate's, but there are rumours that all is not well, after the bride apparently tried to flee to South Africa days before the ceremony.

According to French magazine 'L'Express', the bride's attempted escape was prompted by unwelcome revelations about her husband-to-be's private life, ‘Shaken, Charlene Wittstock had just learned, a few hours earlier, that the private life of the man she was about to marry, and who had publicly confessed, in September 2005, to the existence of an illegitimate child with Nicole Coste, was not as exemplary as she imagined. But it claimed that she may not fulfil all her official functions as princess.'

A source close to the Prince told the press, ‘He’s had a turbulent private life, and doesn’t need this just a few days before his big day.’ If only our Royal wedding had been this exciting...

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