Rumours swirling that Ricky Martin and Ian Thorpe are together

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Rumours are rife that singer Ricky Martin and Olympic champion swimmer Ian Thorpe are together and dating. Acting as a fan to the flames is the fact that Martin recently emerged from a long term relationship with boyfriend Carlos González Abella while the Thorpedo came out as gay live on TV.

Thorpe just recently revealed in July that he is gay in a tell all interview with legendary chat show host Sir Michael Parkinson. The announcement was regarded as a huge landmark in Australian society as Thorpe would be one of the biggest celebrities to be openly gay down under.

Ricky Martin has been earning his crust as a reality TV judge in Australia on the Australian version of The Voice. Martin was very vocal in his support of Thorpe's sharing of his sexuality, at the time saying "He has no idea what he’s doing for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community around the world. To have someone as powerful and successful as him saying it’s ok to be who you are and be happy. Kudos Ian, I’m very proud of you!"

It was also strongly suggested that the duo had made a huge six figure deal with an Australian magazine to give an exclusive tell all interview about their supposed whirlwind romance. The rumours can all be easily traced back to a tweet from Entertainment reported Peter Ford and since that tweet Twitter basically exploded with chit chat about the possible couple.

Ford has also claimed that he got his information from the very sae source who tipped him off about Thorpe's intention to come out earlier in the year so he is sticking by his statement. However, the rumours have been strongly denied by Thorpe's manager Jamie Erskine. A representative for Ricky Martin also denied the claims by saying "This is 100% not true. The two have never met!"

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