Rubbishbreak more like

When Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley jumped the good ship BBC to present the weekday breakfast show on ITV1 (nothing to do with money, oh no!) most people said the ‘chemistry’ between the pair would be a winning formula on the new show. Well, eat your words people eat you words, everyone thinks its utter utter rubbish.

Viewer figures for Daybreak, show that after only one week of being on our small screens it’s already in rapid decline, dropping 20% of the audience from 1million to 800,000. Ha! Where’s your ‘chemistry’ now? Ha!

In a straw poll in celeb mag OK!’s, 7% of it's readers thought ‘it’s not THAT bad everyone’, 12% said ‘I liked The One Show but I don't like this’ and what’s really funny is that a mega 81% said ‘Terrible! Bring back GMTV’. Alright, we know it’s codswallop but bringing back GMTV is taking it one step too far.

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