RPattz drops some Fbombz

One cast-iron method for stars wishing to rack up the column inches is to do something naughty on stage at an awards ceremony. Snogging, crotch grabbing (vis. Mila Kunis) and swearing usually do the trick. RPatz last night opted for the latter route, shocking the audience with his knowledge of bad words beginning with F.

Pattinson told the MTV awards audience that the couple first worked together at the BBC but his scenes were cut, 'Seven years later we worked together on a movie called Water For Elephants and you played my mother...I didn't cut you out, but I did f*** you. Now I know that Southern girls can wear girdles but they can't talk about it, Tequila is like Lays chips, you can't just have one, and that it is possible to be 33 percent lesbian.'

Reese showed that she was up for some mild banter when she took to the stage, telling Robert, 'Oh my god. That's crazy, First I have the three most ridiculous people on earth giving me this award, you're the best motherf***** in Hollywood.' 'It's also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show. And if you take naked pictures of yourself with your cell phone, you hide your face.' Ouch, Blake Lively...

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