Royal stalkers beware!

Royal family fanatics will be unduly excited about Wills 'n' Kate's nuptuals, but such is the Met police's concern about stalkers and anoraks causing problems at the wedding, that many have been told to stay away. Detectives from the scarily named Fixated Threat Assessment Centre have interviewed many mental patients obsessed with the royals, and have warned many of them to stay at home

A Met police insider told The Mirror, 'If someone breaches a cordon or tries to confront or assault someone at the wedding armed police will have to make a split second decision about opening fire or not. Ultimately, it is safer for the stalker if they are warned off in advance of a major event such as this.'

According to studies, over 66% of royal fanatics are men. Half of monarchy obsessives are 'resentful' about the heads of state, while a worrying 25% are 'seeking intimacy'. Yikes...

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