Round two for Jordan and Alex

Forget the X Factor final, or Silvio Berlusconi getting battered by a miniature Cathedral, there are bigger issues at hand: Jordan is back with Alex Reid. Eeek.

The pair turned up to the X Factor final together, but sat separately and spent the majority of the night hiding from paps, who for some reason were hanging around the event in their droves. This is normal modus operandus for celebrities wanting to let the public know that they're back on.

Jordan then released an illuminating cliche: 'We're just seeing how it goes. I don't care what anyone else thinks - it's up to me who I go out with.'

One 'friend' of the couple also told The Sun that Reid has a 'hide thicker than a rhino's', referring to him going back to Jordan after being dumped live on telly.

Hide like a rhino, or pound signs in his eyes....?

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