Ross upset at Brand no-show

Last night's Comedy Awards were a pretty tame affair - after all, how were they ever going to compete with the Gervais uproar over at the Golden Globes? Jonathan Ross was disappointed that Russell Brand missed the show, the comic instead rushed to hospital to be with his friend Martino Sclavi, who has a brain tumour. Yes, Jonathan, some things are slightly more important than salvaging a career at the Beeb...

Jonathan was keen for Brand to appear on stage with him, to demonstrate to the world that they're two mature men who don't constantly make jokes about shagging other people's grandchildren. Ross told The Sun, 'I would like this to be the end of it. Not just for me, but because I want Russell to go on to things and it would be nice to pick up a paper without seeing the word 'Sachsgate'. But c'est la vie. You make your bed and you have to lie in it. We're both fairly responsible people. I know what we did back then was stupid and wrong. Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with my life. Even if I wasn't doing TV anymore, I'm very happy. It's not the end of the world but I do genuinely regret upsetting anyone'

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