Rooney's second prostitute named

Yet more Wayne Rooney paying for sex revelations! This time the Sun have ‘uncovered’ (we’re sure that was hard to do) the identity of the second prostitute that the England striker had a night of bought rutting with, and plastered an entire page with what reads to us like an advert for the girl’s services.

Helen Wood is apparently rather good at her job, and her former ‘madam’, a lady who goes by the name ‘Laura’ was quick to talk about how great she was in the sack. If Wood wanted extra business, she’s going to be getting it.

‘I knew about Wayne immediately after it happened,’ said ‘Laura’ to The Sun. ‘It was all excited talk among the girls and Jenny loved telling everyone about the £1,000 gambling chip he gave her. That's Jenny, quite boastful. She was the talker whereas Helen let her body do the talking.

‘She very quickly became our most popular girl because she was so pretty and slim. The girl-girl stuff made her an added attraction. Helen is very proud that she's an incredibly open-minded girl. She wouldn't have hesitated to climb into bed with Wayne Rooney and Jenny.

‘It wouldn't have crossed her mind for a millisecond she might be wrecking the marriage of one of Britain's most famous couples. There are rumours Helen has had several Premier League players. And I've heard she has slept for money with five members of one team.

‘Helen wanted the flash lifestyle the money could buy. Jenny just wanted pocket money for the weekend. I think if it hadn't been for Helen, Jenny would have dropped out of the escort game.’

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