Rooneys in blackmail plot

The Rooneys have called in the police after becoming embroiled in a blackmail plot over stolen photos. Wayne and Coleen lost their camera after attending a Black Eyed Peas gig at the Manchester MEN arena. According to reports, someone nabbed the camera, then promptly attempted to flog the photos to tabloids. When that didn't work, the thieves went straight back to the Rooneys, demanding £30,000.

A source told The Sun, 'Wayne and Coleen were heartbroken. They had loads of photos of Kai on the camera. He's 15 months now but these were of him as a very young baby and couldn't be replaced. They should be praised for standing up to the blackmailers.'

British Transport cops said, 'We are investigating an allegation of blackmail. Three people have been arrested and bailed.'

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