Roon for improvement?

Another day, another PR disaster for our favourite loud-mouthed footie player, Wayne Rooney. According to close pals of Coleen, she is furious with her errant husband for his ability to stumble from disaster to crisis. The latest piece of public misbehaviour was 'swearing-at-the-cameras-gate', provoked by a disappointing performance on the pitch, which resulted in a two match ban.

A friend of Coleen's told The Mirror, 'This was meant to be a new phase for Coleen. She wanted to focus on her marriage. But at the moment it’s one blow after another for her. Coleen was furious with Wayne’s behaviour. She thought it was disgusting. She couldn’t understand why he’d put himself in a position where he’d be criticised again. Usually she’d just think it’s Wayne’s work but she’s sick of having to handle the flack. Coleen accepts now that Wayne temporarily lost the plot, but she gave him a severe dressing down. Family is everything to Coleen and all she wants is a happy married life.'

However, a source close to Wayne hit back against the rumours, telling the paper, Coleen stays with her mum when she can, but doesn’t spend half the week there. After the sort of things the pair of them have been through, of course it’s been difficult. But the suggestion they barely see one another is nonsense.'

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