Ronson's bum move

'It was just a bit of bum' lisped David Walliams as Mark Ronson struggled to pull his pants back up: we somehow doubt the nob twiddler will see it like that.....

The sophisticated super producer was on stage with DJ Des Kay at the Concert For CARE in London went Walliams ripped his pants down. Although Mark tried to squirm out of Walliams' grasp, the purple suited madman wasn't taking no for an answer and eventually wrestled Ronson's glowing white bumcheeks right out of their pants. Ronson looked close to tears as he sat on a microphone stand after the risque gag. The audience heckled for more.

This is the celebrity equivalent of mooning down the local only for some clever dick to film it all on their mobile and pop it on YouTube - only obviously, a lot lot worse. Bummer dude.

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