Ronnie Woodn’t but his ex-girlfriend did

When Ronnie Wood and his young Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova were first seen together everyone thought it was a mismatch of a pairing (predominately for the 175 year age gap) but they split last week and now it’s been reported that the reason was she was cheating on him.

The Daily Mail who make the claim say that the 21 year old Ruski was allegedly courting a 22 year old model on the side; ‘When Ekaterina started going out with Ronnie, she lost a lot of friends, but Dan was someone who never failed her. She has always trusted him,’ says one of her friends.

‘They met as they both share a lot of the same friends on the London scene. They are 100% a couple now. They walk around holding hands and she is always at Dan's flat.’

Adding; ‘I don't think there is too much lost between Ekaterina and Ronnie. She has been bragging, 'I've already made £50,000 out of him' thanks to her magazine deals and interviews.’

Well, that's the first tennant for Celebrity Big Brother confirmed then.

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