Ronnie Wood : back on the sauce and in the arms of a teenager

Living with Ronnie Wood must be a really exhausting but quite fun nightmare. But being his wife? That deserves a cash prize!

The Head of The Silver Haired Hedonism Mafia has allegedly run off with an 18 year old Russian waitress who he 'made friends' with in a London escort club. The Sun claim Wood (who is officially back on the sauce for a 'limited binge only') eloped with the teenager to his home in Ireland after 'Ekaterina Ivanova' (the vixen) told Ronnie's wife Jo she is 'not taking him but he is leaving'. Ekaterina has also told whoever will listen (i.e everyone on Facebook) that she and Wood are an item - something Ronnie is yet to comment on too bladdered to comment on.

Whether he does or not, Jo Wood's not giving it much truck though. "I was quite all right that she was hanging around with him. They have been staying in Ireland and Ronnie’s art man was with them. Ronnie told me she was staying there and I said, ‘OK — get on with it and have a drink, go mad. Drink your guts up’.” And with as wife as laid back as that, who needs a mistress anyway. Stop bingeing and come home Ron!

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