Ronnie Hazlehurst wrote S Club hits – not!

Good spot from the hacks at The Register. They noticed that obituary writers from respected oracles such as The Guardian, The Independent and The Times all fell for a cheeky prank concerning the career of Ronnie Hazlehurst, the BBC’s celebrated theme tune composer.

Among his writing credits on Wikipedia are the theme tunes for The Two Ronnies, Last of the Summer Wine, Blankety Blank and CSI New York (not really). Some prankster added, however, a credit for S Club 7’s seminal hit, Reach. So what did the hacks writing Ronnie’s obituary do? They simply lifted this erroneous factoid and added it to their copy. Without finding out it’s actually completely untrue.

How silly do they look? Pretty darn silly.

Although we can see why they might have fallen for it – after all, Ronnie is undoubtedly responsible for some of the world’s most annoyingly catchy tunes and S Club’s hits are teeth-grindingly catchy too. Read the lyrics to the verse of Reach and you’ll be singing it for hours. Go on:

So reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your heart’s desire
Reach for the stars
And when that rainbows shining over you
That’s when your dreams will all come true

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