Ronan's 'rollercoaster' takes him to the land of Fosters

Irish crooner Ronan Keating is finding out the hard way, that as he so chirpily put it, 'life is a rollercaoster, you've just got to ride it'. Having admitted to a seven month affair with a backing dancer (sooo Mel B and Britney), his wife Yvonne has sent him packing - all the way to Australia.

Ronan is now going to spend the summer wearing a hair shirt, drinking Fosters, and judging the Aussie version of X Factor. A source told The Mirror, 'There were concerns over his marriage but ­executives spoke to him and it’s all going ahead as planned... He’s worried that if he stops, he’ll break down. He’s throwing himself into his work.'

That's all well and good - but don't throw yourself into more song writing, for all our sakes.

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