Ronan Divorce-ing

Shocking news from planet ageing boyband: Ronan Keating and his wife Yvonne have split after 12 years of marriage. Say it ain't so.....

Yes, there we were, cup of tea in hand, tabloid on knee, championing the clean cut couple as one of the last remaining outposts of rock-solid celeb armour when Ronan goes and posts on his website (well but, of course) the following bombshell: ‘With great sadness Ronan and Yvonne Keating today announce their separation.The separation is amicable and they will continue to work together in order to provide the best for their children.'

Friends of the couple are said to be gobsmacked. Well never mind them - we're slack jawed. Apparently, being a celeb doesn't make you immune to mundane relationship foibles like the green eyed monster. Only last week Ronan confessed to bouts of infantile jealousy, saying he still doesn't like Yvonnne going out alone.

Who next, Posh n Becks? *gasps* Charl and Gav? *spills tea*

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