Ronaldo and Paris: world's strangest couple?

So Paris Hilton officially broke up with 'future husband' Doug Reinhardt, a mere 48 hours ago and she's already bagged a new plaything in the form of the world's campest footballer (c.o The Sun) Cristiano Ronaldo.

The well oiled winger and Paris were locked in an intense game of tonsil hockey in a swanky LA club last night where Ronaldo was celebrating his £80 mill signing to Real Madrid. According to onlookers, once Paris had moved in for the kill they barely came up for air. They then decamped to Nicky Hilton's house in the early hours only for Ronaldo to do the walk of shame at 5am looking like.....he'd just made a cameo in One Night in Paris.

An onlooker with a way with words said: "They looked adorable together. It was as though they'd been dating for ages. He was reclined all the way back in a chair with his legs spread wide open. It looked almost pornographic."

So has Paris scored an own goal, or do the slightly bizarre couple actually have lots in common? Well, let's think about it. They both love a bit of sunbed action. They both share a scarily similar approach to expensively bad fashion. Their conversational skills are on a par. And they definitely both know what to do with a ball. Er, that's a thumbs up. Back of the net Paris!

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