Rollin' down Coronation Street...

Stars of stage, screen and media schmoozed their way around the famous cobbles of Coronation Street at the weekend, necking booze and generally having the sort of fun you proles will never get to experience, all on Adidas and their generous booze budget for their Adidas Originals street party, in honour of Corrie’s 50th birthday. However, just about nothing that happened there could possibly compare to Snoop Dogg appearing via satellite link-up, and wishing the soap happy birthday in his own inimitable style.

‘What up dog. It's your boy big Snoop Dogg saying happy 50th anniversary to Coronation Street and all my peoples in Manchester UK gettin' in there doin' it big,’ said the Doggfather. ‘You know how we do it - Adidas, big Snoop Dogg, we're coming together. Wish I could be there with y'all but you know I gotta bounce ball and get in there real quick like, so I just wanna congratulate y'all for all the success of the many years of doin' what y'all do.

‘Snoop Dogg is on the Adidas team. Coronation Street, happy 50th anniversary, big Snoop Dogg live and direct. Be on the lookout when I come to Glastonbury when I come to rock the roof cause I'm gonna tear the roof off.’ Magnificent.

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