Roll up, roll up for Pricey's second wedding

When Katie Price remarries her cage fighting amour in the summer (not that the last wedding in Vegas wasn't legal, okay?) she plans to do it with style and class. The theme will be English country garden with a 'fairground element'.

A source told The Mirror: 'Its set to be as star-studded as her first wedding. The marquee should be filled with English country garden-style flowers including lillies, lavender and dahlias. Guests will be welcomed with champagne and canapes and cupcakes. They will be picked up by coach and taken to a top secret location on the day. But one thing the wedding wont be is pink. She's been there, done that. She's moved on.'

Got that people? Pricey's moved on...

As for the piece de resistance: 'She wants a big performer, too. She's hot on the Black Eyed Peas, and is in touch with Will.i.Am. Will has taken a shine to her and wants to work with her when he's in London in May.'

Katie, love, putting out a press release or getting your 'source' to tell the press doesn't make it true...

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