Robby writes it in plain ink

Now we know that celebs enjoy unconventional means of communication; many Tweet their daily frustrations to the world; others use an old fashioned PR rep; some say hi via YouTube: Robbie Williams says it all with a visit to the tattoo parlour.

The ex Take Thatter flashed a brand new double T tattoo at Jonathon Ross, saying he'd had it done to commemorate a reunion with his ex workmates last year. Is this a coded message that he wants back in Take That? No to the coded, yes to the in. (Lucky he didn't write it in tourist guide Chinese.)

Only time will tell if Rob's inky message gets picked up by the Thatters, but after his frazzled X Factor performance, which wasn't yawn, down to drink and drugs but simple over excitement, we hope for his sake it works.

But what about the Loose Women? Will his tat save him in the nick of time?

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