Robbie Williams visited by aliens

Robbie Williams reckons he's seen E.T. Not once. Not twice. But three times. The Millenium man first laid eyes upon crafts from "another world" when he was a nipper. Then again in in L.A (post Take-That and we're guessing during one of his highly publicised drug addictions) And now most recently - in his bedroom.

As fate would have it, Robbie reckons the latest sighting occured only a moment after the completion of a new song. The title of the song? "Aliens". Genius. Nice one Rob. If we didn't believe you before, we definitely do now!

.......We really hope this is hear'say. But apparently the Rock DJ plans to give up a musical career - to become a full time Ufologist. Our advice - don't give up the day job Rob. Calling your tour 'Close Encounters' is about as much as we can stomach of the David Ike routine.

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