Robbie Williams to rejoin Take That (for TV special)

If you’re female and born between the years 1976 and 1985 you’ll be moist with joy at the news that Robbie Williams looks set to team-up with his old man-band mates Take That, for a one-off TV special.

According to The People, the LA based tax dodger will be a hidden member of the audience for their An Audience With... Christmas Special.

"Gary [Barlow] mentioned this new show that they are filming in Manchester. Robbie joked that he could come along. It all spiralled from there and Robbie is planning to sneak into the filming and be a surprise guest."

The easily pleased source added: "Imagine the look on everyone's faces when the camera pans around the audience and there he is." Erm. Kind of ruins that element of surprise....

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