Robbie Williams - packing the chub

When stars go under the radar for a while, it usually means one of two things. Face carving surgery. Or piled on the pork to such a shocking extent that leaving the house would mean instant career death.

But Robbie Williams seems to be faring pretty well with his new layer of bellyfat. The tubby Take Thatter was papped on the golf course with ladyfriend Ayda Field in LA sporting a gut so gassy and rotund you could almost tie on a basket and take off in it.

Becoming a bit of a porker - make that happy porker, in La La land is the last of all showbiz taboos. Folk still haven't quite forgiven Britney for filling out post baby birth. Or Kirstie Alley for succumbing to a wee middle aged spread before her screen career was quite over.

Be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Feast your eyes on portly Robbie smooching Ayda

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