Robbie Williams : loses beard and weight

We take it back! Whatever we said yesterday about Robbie Williams being a tubby beardy alien hunter no longer stands. He's parted company with the beard, got a cracking tan, some floppy but not greasy Hugh Grant hair, and a wiggly wonderful chest rug to boot. Oh and the belly's gone. Robbie showcased his new look in West Hollywood the other night, and although his choice of outfit left a lot to be desired (black Travolta slash Dracula on the lash suit with ripped t shirt and medallion) he was looking the best we've seen him in a long while.

Speculators have leapt to the conclusion that Robbie's knocked the alien hunting on the head and crashed back down to earth. Sadly not. He might be back on the party scene but Williams says UFO's and not making low grade plop pop music are still his first love. Ah well.

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