Robbie Williams : grows a beard & hunts aliens

We reported a long while back that Robbie Williams has become the new David Ike. And his latest alien hunting behaviour is doing nothing to pour cold water on that fire.

Robbie Williams has taken to the desert in his hunt for outer beings in a series of weekend camping trips with friends. Robbie treated pals to 'some time out of the city' in the hope of cadging a glimpse of the illusive UFO critters which he knows, but, cannot prove exist. So far so barren, but never say never.

Like all serious alien hunters Robbie has grown a beard and put on enough weight that if he ever were stranded in the desert making friends with other beings, he'd stand a good chance at survival. "He is leading a bizarre existence at the moment, vanishing into the desert to look at starts in far-flung galaxies. He is dead set on buying himself an observatory in the desert, which can cost up to £2.5 million. He is hooked on all things from outer space" said a source.

Williams first became obsessed with aliens when he was a boy and claims to have seen UFO's with his own eyes at least 3 times in his life. But ever since his move stateside (and therefore closer proximity to deserts and other 'intuitive' LA folk) Williams has been more convinced than ever aliens are out there. He recently recorded Radio 4 documentary, 'Robbie Williams and Jon Ronson Journey to the Other Side' on the subject.

Happy alien hunting to Robbie. Now have a listen to Williams talking about UFOs. Not convincing.

Robbie Williams talks about UFOs part one
Robbie Williams talks about UFO's part 2

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