Robbie Williams - back on the market

It's been quiet without Robbie Williams hasn't it?

Since he buggered off to California to look for UFOs in a bit of snit, the tabloids have been filled with a new breed of celebs who do crack, get married at the drop of a hat and forget their underwear. Some might say this is vast improvement over Robbie moaning about how hard fame is.

Suddenly he's back in the headlines again though. He's split up with his girlfriend Ayda Field (no, us neither) and is 'heartbroken'.

We smell a rat. They split due to the 'pressures of work'. 'Pressures of work'? For years now Robbie Williams 'work' regime seems to have consisted of getting up, looking for a UFO, cancelling a tour, eating cake, looking for another UFO, playing football and having a bit of a lie down. Methinks he has a new album coming out...

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