Robbie Wedding-ams

As summers go, it probably can’t get much better than this one - if you're Robbie Williams. Not only have you reunited with your Take That mates for a whole load of money-spinning concerts, singles and one guaranteed smash hit album, but you’re about to get married to the girlfriend you’re ‘deeply in love’ with. Aaaaaaw, isn’t that sweet?

According to The Sun, Robbie is due to marry his girlfriend (presumably now his fiancé) Ayda Field tomorrow, in what has been described as ‘an intimate ceremony’ on the island of Santa Catalina, off the coast of California. Unfortunately for any star spotters out there, the Take That chaps won’t be attending. Shame.

‘Robbie and Ayda have been deeply in love for a long time now. They spend almost every waking minute of every day together and are completely inseparable,’ a source told the tabloid. ‘They have tried to keep the guest list for the wedding as small as possible and have revealed only scant detail of the ceremony to the lucky few who are invited.’

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