Robbie to perform on Loose Women

Robbie Williams’ performance of his comeback single ‘Bodies’ on The X-Factor came in for some fierce criticism - some of it just, some of it harsh. To give the cheeky chap a break it was his first appearance on British telly for donkey years, so we’ll put it down to simple nerves and excitement. His management however, didn’t think so. As punishment, they’ve decided to book him on the TV coffee meeting telly programme that is ‘Loose Women’.

The day time ITV1 chat show, which to be fair is adored by millions (not all of them single mums and the unemployed (this is a guess), will feature a live/mimed rendering of ‘You Know Me’, his 2nd single from his latest album ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’.

Robbie has said in the past that he would have sex with Loose Women Carol McGriffen and Coleen Nolan, so maybe it was his idea after all? To see if Robbie’s dreams come true and if Loose Women live up to their name, watch the performance yourself on Nov 9th

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