Robbie makes sure there'll be No Regrets

It must be hard being a fabulously wealthy pop star on the verge of marrying your super hot girlfriend on an island off the coast of California: you can never quite be sure if the woman you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with is secretly after all that lovely wonga you’ve stashed away for yourself over the course of your pop career. Tough, we’re sure you agree.

So it is for Robbie Williams, who, according to The Sun, has kept his £80million pile safe for his potentially vengeful future ex-wife Ayda Field, who he is set to marry today. Mind you, given that some of his toys include a £9million yacht, we’re not so sure a pre-nuptial agreement is such a smart move. Still, romance eh?

However, it’s not all ruthless business cunning and sitting down with lawyers to make sure you are protected from the potential consequences of divorce, oh no: the pair are going to have a lovely private ceremony on the island, before having a quiet reception at his £12million Beverly Hills mansion. We’re not jealous at all. Oh no.

‘Robbie just wants to get married in a lovely private moment with his parents and Ayda's mum looking on,’ said some pal to the tabloid. ‘He will have a handful of very special people including his manager Josie and his best friend Jonathan. The couple will tie the knot and then enjoy a small reception at his house. He does not want a big circus and just wants a private affair behind closed doors.’

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