Robbie: I'm too nice to be an X Factor judge

Take That singer Robbie Williams has admitted that he is too nice a guy to ever be a judge on the X Factor.

Williams, who features in the judges houses section of the show this year alongside band mate Gary Barlow, revealed that he found it difficult to decide the fate of contestants.

'I’d like to be in Gary’s position for one night, but not four months,' the 37-year-old told The Mirror.

Barlow and Williams spent a weekend with eight X Factor hopefuls in the 'Millennium' singer's LA mansion where they had to choose the final four contestants in the 'boys' category to go forward to the live shows.

'I was sat thinking 'wow, this is great'. But that's all it is, a great day,' Williams commented afterwards. 'I've got my personality to look after, if I was doing it I would desensitise myself to the emotion. I would find it difficult, who wants to break a 16-year-old's heart?'

However, Williams admitted that Barlow is much more suited to the job as an X Factor judge: 'He's not temperamental and emotional. He does the job and leaves.'

Williams later added that some of the group might be better off leaving the show now rather than face the trauma of being dumped by the public vote at a later date.

The remaining contestants in the boys category are Craig Colton, 22, Joe Cox, 17, James Michael, 20, Luke Lucas, 16, Marcus Collins, 23, Max Vickers, 19, Frankie Cocozza, 18 and John Wilding, 18.

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