Robbie dumped for World Cup obsession

In what might become a model for all couples at war over the footie, Robbie Williams' lady love, Ayda Field, has left Robbie to move back to her mums, for the duration of the World Cup. In a - in no way cliched - representation of the sexes, Ayda is going to have facials and spa trips, while Robbie is going to get trollied and blow his vuvuzela, y'know lads stuff.

A pal of the warring couple told The Sun, 'She has moved out of his mansion and gone back to live with her mum until the World Cup is over. Ayda said she just has to get some peace. Robbie was away but he still talked non-stop about the games. And now he is back he has invited his gang of football mates over to his house to watch the rest of the matches in his home cinema. Ayda was dreading a house full of blokes chanting Three Lions and blowing vuvuzelas - so she's legged it.'

Three Lions? Robbie - this isn't the mid 90s. Those may have been your glory years, but drag yourself into the 21st century, there's a good man...

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