Robbie confirms X-Factor appearance

In case you didn’t know, Robbie Williams has a new album out. Well everyone knows the best place to promote a new popbum is Simon Cowell's pub singer's vehicle The X-Factor, so like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey before him the cheeky Robster has confirmed he will also be appearing on the ITV 1 show.

Talking to The Sun, he also revealed he’s got some competition from X-Factor hopeful Olly Murs who performed last week’s most talked about audition; "I'm a huge fan of The X Factor. Of course I'll be watching every week, just like everyone else. There's this one guy on there who is amazing. I think he could take my place. I've got my eye on him. He's dead."

Mr Williams is due to perform his comeback single ‘Bodies’ on the show in October, his first live UK live TV appearance since 2006. Wooooo!!!

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