Robbie & Andre to hunt aliens together

Hunting aliens in the desert plains of Los Angeles is a lonely sport. In fact so lonely that alien tracker Robbie Williams will probably be glad of the company from fellow celebrity 'believer' - Peter Andre.

Andre and wife Katie Price are about to jet out to the States to film yet another series of reality gunk about themselves and Peter has wasted no time in courting the affections of the one time Fat Dancer from Take That. Whereas the way to Robbie's heart used to be through hot dinners, it's now through aliens.

“Robbie’s a great guy. We’ve already been texting about meeting up. I’m going to look for aliens and UFOs with him. I’m obsessed about them and gutted I’ve not seen one yet,” Andre told the Mirror. Not a single 'sighting' yet? What does he call waking up every morning next to Jordan's planets then? We'll see ourselves out.

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