Robbery and murder conspiracy plot against singer Joss Stone goes to trial

Two men that were arrested when they allegedly attempted to put into plan a conspiracy to rob, kidnap and subsequently murder 25-year old soul songstress Joss Stone - whose real name is Jocelyn Eve Stoker- are currently undergoing trial in Exeter.

The story dates back to June of 2011 when local police were alerted by suspicious neighbors they had seen a red Fiat Punto car circling around Stone’s farmhouse near Culmstock in East Devon, and later a patrol stopped Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32 outside the King’s Head pub in Cullompton, and found them in possession of maps of Stone's property, a samurai sword, hammers, a metal spike, a knife, balaclavas, gloves, gaffer tape, a roll of plastic bags and even a body bag.

The pair originally from Longsight, Manchester were immediately arrested and remanded into custody and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and commit grievous bodily harm.

Prosecutor Simon Morgan QC described the plot to the crown court and jury: “They got a car, they collected their weapons of choice and made their way to within a short distance of Joss Stone’s house. She is an extremely wealthy young woman. Fortunately, they were not successful although she was at home.”

The prosecutor said added that Liverpool had extensively researched Stone and settled on her as a viable target seemingly after she was invited to attend the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and after seeing that the singer lived in Devon during TV show, MTV Cribs.

The jury also heard that Stone was described as a "she-devil in flesh" and that the police found a series of text messages and notes to prepare the home invasion, that included a list of things of what to do: from "using body bags or bed sheet", to "check computer look for safe", "Jocelyn rob and kill, money in safe", "jewellery box, cut the heads off – samurai", while another note another read: "Once Jocelyn's dead … find a river to dump her."

The prosecutor also explained that the pair had been spoken to by police after having been involved in a crash on their way to Stone's home and they also asked a postman for directions to her home using a picture of the pop star.

Mr Morgan said that Liverpool and Bradshaw were part of a group who decided on the plan, “We don’t know who the others are in the conspiracy but that doesn’t matter. The conspiracy was to attack and kill Joss Stone.”

Both suspects have pleaded not guilty to conspiring with person or persons unknown to rob and murder Stone.

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