Robber Williams?

Robbie Williams has always been a big fan of hardcore gangster rap, and now he gets to see what it's really like on the other side of a police questioning. Watch out for the God Cop, Bad Cop routine Robbie.

The former pop star was quizzed by coppers in the Bahamas after after two paparazzi claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint only hours after an argument with members of his entourage, being relieved of $20,000 worth of equipment, clothes, travel documents and money.

Photographers Matt Sanchez and Carlos Mendez were at a posh beach in the Bahamas when the argument started, not longer after which they claim three men burst into their room, held a gun to Mendez's head and made off with the loot.

'We don't think he was the one who actually committed the robbery,' said superintendent Ellsworth Moss of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. 'But it may have been a spin-off or may have been triggered by what reportedly happened with his party on the beach.'

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