Rob Lowe sues nanny

Rob Lowe and wife Sheryl Berkoff are suing former nanny Laura Boyce for muck spreading, claiming that the once trusted employee of the Lowes, has been serving up ponging pork pies about the pair on the LA junglevine. And has since demanded a 1.5 million payout not to go public with her scandalous stories.

Laura Boyce became a close friend of the Lowes after working as a nanny for just over a year to their two boys. Then just as the Lowes began to overhear nasty things said about them on the LA circuit, Laura took off - and never came back to work. Causing the Lowes to file a missing person warrant - while smelling a rather large rat.

Although these days Rob Lowe is best known for his role in the West Wing, back in 1988, he was famous for a very different kind of performance - the humble menage a trois. Lowe's 1988 Parisian 'sex tape' was groundbreaking stuff at the time, and has since seen Lowe scribed in the history books as a 'founding father' of the celebrity sex vid.

Is Laura Boyce just trying to dredge up old muck, or could the nanny have stumbled across something of 1988 style epic proportions that she simply couldn't resist making a buck on?

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