Ritual humiliation?

Poor Katie Price. She was a bit out of her depth on the Chelsea Lately show yesterday. She went on the programme to drum up a bit of publicity Stateside and ended up getting humiliated in the process. Or did she?

Actually, no. We don't think Jordan really noticed that Chelsea was ripping it out of her. Sarky comment - 'You can go off with your children and horses and botox, I don't give a sh*t what you do', followed sarky comment - 'everyone who sees you knows that your forehead will never move' - but Jordan's permasmile and brilliantly monotone responses never faltered. The steely glamour girl has heard that and much worse before.

If anyone fared badly it was Alex Reid: Jordan let slip about his cross-dressing and even provided some rather nice photos. Fanks Jord.

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