Rita Ora left embarrassed after retweeting disaster on Twitter

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Pop princess Rita Ora had an embarrassing session on Twitter today after setting a retweet target number that she never even got close to hitting. It can be seen as a classic example of never counting your chickens before they hatch.

In a presumptuous move, the singer promised to release a new song on Monday if she got 100,000 retweets from her 4 million plus Twitter followers. The tweet read "Dropping my new song monday if this gets 100,000 retweets" and things started out innocently enough and full of hope.

Unfortunately for Ora though those retweets were not so forthcoming and only managed to garner 1,850 retweets as well as 626 favourites form her followers. This was definitely not the response she was hoping for as she was left about 98,000 retweets short of her hoped number. Ora then promptly deleted the tweet in the hopes of it sinking into internet obscurity.

But typically, fans managed to screenshot the tweet along with the embarrassing 1,850 retweets right below before she managed to scrub it form her account. Ora then flamed the fans of the firestorm she had created by retweeting a supporting message from a fan which said "Where her 3.9m followers at when you need them", but she later deleted that message as well.

Ora soon deleted that tweet too but once again fans had already saved screenshots to prolong the agony and embarrassment for the RIP singer. Twitter users were having a ball with the events with one tweeter, @ThPositiveTroll, tweeting "Hey @RitaOra if this tweet gets 100,000 retweets I'll buy your single. If not, don't worry there's more to life than anonymous validation."

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