Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne fall out after DKNY debacle

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See those smiles in the picture? OK, they might seem a little woozy and forced but at least they are smiles. Reports suggest that it was the last time that Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne enjoyed each other's company as the former best friends fell out shortly afterwards.

The DKNY party saw Cara disgrace herself a little with her antics, snatching the microphone from Rita while she was trying to sing, grabbing Rita's cap, then grinding into her in a lascivious way that even Kanye West might have thought a little rude.

A beautiful friendship seems to have been sundered that night. Cara, usually willing to turn up to the opening of an envelope, was conspicuous by her absence from Rita's show with Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z at the Wireless Festival at the Olympic Park.

Maybe Cara had something better to do? Oh wait she did, and it seemed designed to rile Rita. Cara donned a skimpy bikini to hang out on a yacht in the south of France with Rita's sworn enemy Rihanna. That must have hurt.

In response Rita was eager to flaunt her new best friend, although it is doubtful how jealous Cara will be at the news that Rita's anointed new "wifey" is Stella McCartney. According to an insider with a direct line to The Mirror, Rita was worried that association with the model was damaging her musical credibility anyway. "There’s a lot of hurt on both sides," the source spilled, "but Rita’s been working towards her singing career and carefully crafting her image for four years and it was all in danger of being a joke after that shabby performance. Rita’s been advised to distance herself from the model."


Cara is planning her 21st in Ibiza in August and already sending out invites. Whether Rita and Stella will be there remains a vital source of speculation to the people who actually care about these things.

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